Training / Presentations: Why You Need a Lesson Plan

LESSON PLAN DEVELOPMENT: Lesson plans, believe it or not, are a lot like the maps you have in the back seat of your car. They’re probably not covered with the ketchup and pencil marks that your maps are, but they are directional guides. You need some way of checking to see if you are on the right road in your classroom or on the highway. A lesson plan is really nothing more than a map of where you and your students will be heading for the time you are together. To paraphrase the American Express Card commercial, “Lesson plans — don’t leave home without them.”

“DO I REALLY NEED A LESSON PLAN?” Yes, you do. An important part of the preparation for your session lies in your lesson planning efforts. There are several good reasons for constructing a lesson plan for every session in which you are involved. Properly outlined, a lesson plan will outline the priorities you want to cover in a logical and systematic sequence. The plan will help you stay on the proper track and lead you to your stated objectives without time-consuming tangents and loss of momentum. 3. By staying with your game plan, you are better assured of having your trainees attain the prescribed goals. With a well-constructed format, you’ll be self-confident, knowing that you are prepared in advance. If your session is one that is repeated in other groups, the preparation and planning you have undertaken can be easily used by another instructor in your absence or by you for a different group of trainees.

FOLLOWING THE DEVELOPMENT PROCESS: An effective lecture or training presentation is the result of a specific development process. The effort of preparing your lesson is really only the beginning. Once the guidelines for presenting your material have been established, however, maximum impact can be achieved far more certainly and with far less anxiety for the instructor. You can be assured that there will be no waste of time in the classroom. Every minute of the valuable time allotted for training will be used to the fullest by you and your trainees.

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Give Presence Not Presents

Throughout the year we have many gift-giving opportunities to show love to those around us. From Christmas to Birthdays, Valentines Day and more, our thoughts turn to finding the perfect gift. Before you shop and wrap remember that our loved ones need more of our presence than our presents! This type of gift giving uses more creativity, less of our money and more of our heart. Need some ideas on how you can give of your presence and not just store bought presents?


Instead of purchasing restaurant gift certificates for someone, invite them to dinner with you! Make sure they understand that you are picking up the tab as your gift to them, but the real gift will be the time you get to spend together.


My mother simply hates shopping for me. She also hates shopping with me. Ok, she hates shopping period. But she knows how much I love it! That’s why it is such a wonderful gift to me when she takes me on a shopping spree for my birthday every year. If you had planned to buy a loved one something at the store, you can still give of your presence too. Invite your special someone to come pick it out with you. I still remember when I was younger, and a boyfriend took me shopping. He had me model the knit sweater for him before he bought it for me. The sweater is long gone and moth eaten but the memory is still knit tightly in my mind.


Clipping coupons is an excellent way to save money when shopping but they are also a great way to save money when gift giving. The home computer has made coupon books easy and professional looking. Trying to think creatively about what your loved one needs is the hardest part of making meaningful coupons. Would your husband love his own indoor tailgate party with a coupon for a night of uninterrupted football coverage complete with his favorite snacks and drinks? Or maybe your young teenage daughter needs a coupon book offering taxi rides anywhere her and her friends want to be chauffeured for the night? You get the idea. Be creative.


Whatever politically correct word you use, incentives for children to get good grades or allowance given to complete weekly chores or reach behavioral goals are generally money or present oriented. I would like to suggest that you substitute presence for presents in this situation too once in a while. My parents used to take me to a good movie when I got good grades at the end of each quarter, even if I would have preferred the cash like my friends got, it strengthened our relationship more than the money ever would have.

When I was potty training my oldest daughter, instead of giving her candy to reinforce her efforts, I would let her draw an activity from a jar. She knew that I would drop everything and give her my undivided attention and presence to read her a story, color with her, eat a Popsicle with her, etc. Now that this same daughter is 8 and she would much rather have me cater and entertain at her sleep over party, than to be given an allowance as appreciation for doing her chores!

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God Is An Ever-Present Help In The Time Of Trouble

Open your Bible to Psalm 46:1… it says, God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Go ahead and highlight that Scripture.

When Jesus comes to you, He does not break down the front door He knocks. Jesus waits to be invited to work powerfully in your life. Do you need help today? You see, people worry about many different things in life. But I want you to know, God’s help is tailor-made for your trouble.

The devil wants to fill your mind up with so many negative things that there’s no room for the Word of God. That’s the devil’s deception! The Word says, God is a very present help in trouble. God wants your ears listening to Him because He wants to give you divine directions, but the choice is yours to receive it or not. You may be feeling tired, frustrated and defeated, but God says, draw near to Me and I’ll draw near to you.

If you don’t feel like He’s been paying enough attention to you, then start paying more attention to Him. You’ll be so accustomed to looking to Him and relying on Him, you won’t let the feelings or circumstances of the moment pull you away from your dependency on Him. You’ll cast down the fears, problems, lies and negative imaginations of the devil that come during times of trouble.

God wants you delivered and free from all burdens and bondage. I’ll say it again. Jesus came to remove all burdens from your life and to destroy every yoke that’s holding you back from the will and purpose of God’s Word for you.

God is an ever-present help in the time of trouble. God wants you to know how loving, kind, good, and gracious He is toward you. He wants to help you and God is not the one who wants to make your life miserable.

God has you on His mind and the circumstances don’t matter. He’s going to turn your situation around. Jesus is the resurrection power! Your trouble is not permanent, it’s subject to change in the name of Jesus!

You don’t have to sit back and allow the devil to convince you that your life is not going to get any better. Did you hear what I said? Don’t let the devil cause you to believe that your life will always be like it is right now. God is your refuge and strength.

Get up in the morning and through out the day and declare that you are going to experience God’s help when trouble shows up. Praise the Lord! God wants the trouble in your life that keeps getting in the way to be removed and changed into your new victory! Lift up your hands and thank God today!

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Higher Education Must Rise to the Challenges and Opportunities Presented by COVID-19

One thing that we have all begun to appreciate since the arrival of the Corona-virus Pandemic has been the importance of scientists and those that support them. It is clear to the world that until there is a vaccine there is no real chance of bringing the situation under control. Governments have endeavored to wrestle with the need to minimize risk and deaths, and social distancing has become a key aspect of those efforts. Progress is being made, but it is often fitful and patchy, and there is always the ever present danger of further peaks of infection if we ease up too quickly, or simply resume life as it used to be before the arrival of COVID-19. The reality is that the ways of behavior, of interaction and doing business need to change and already there are signs of a new normal emerging, one that is predicated on the need to be cautious, vigilant and aware of the fact that anyone can catch the disease, and that anyone can spread it. Yet for all that, there is a pressing need to try and return to some form of normality, mindful of the fact that the disease remains a very real danger.

One sector that has found itself severely disrupted by the Corona-virus has been that of higher education. Universities and colleges have been closed, academic and support staff left in fear for their futures, and students’ studies interrupted, and exams cancelled or postponed indefinitely. It is as if the pause button has been pressed on the entire sector, and yet this is the very sector that provides those scientists and others that will tackle future crises. Looking at the higher education sector it soon becomes apparent that the current paralysis need not exist, with a little imagination, and some technical know-how learning can continue. Granted the traditional face to face teaching that we have all been used to cannot go ahead at present, but various technological platforms mean that academics and students can interact in a controlled and professional manner. Already hundreds of institutions around the world have realized that they can justify their existence by conducting online teaching, with staff finding the process something of a revelation. Naturally, there have been a few technical glitches and teething problems, but once these have been ironed out all concerned seem to feel that the process is beneficial and what is more know that learning is being maintained and advanced.

So, what are the challenges for such a process in Bangladesh? Well, one of the greatest hurdles to surmount is the psychological one in respect of resistance to change. Some academics and many members of leadership and management teams are not particularly tech savvy and do not entirely grasp how online learning platforms might work. There are understandable anxieties about the need for training, and the development and availability of suitable learning resources. Such processes require total commitment, and that means that staff think through what material is made available and how lessons or units develop along with the learning objectives and assessment tasks. Many staff have little or no experience of such learning and so fear being exposed by such a process. Everyone needs to engage in some heuristic learning – learning by doing, and overtime ambivalence or hostility to such learning evaporates, and it can often be found to be a iterating experience. What is more institutions are finding that they can develop units and courses that can be easily offered to students who for whatever reason actually prefer distance learning. With planning and the appropriate monitoring and checks and balances, and of course safeguards around privacy etc. there is potential to tap into a way of learning that is undergoing exponential growth across much of the world.

For such learning to be effective in Bangladesh it is paramount that all students have access to the learning platforms, and this might well mean that tablets and other devices become a standard learning tool, one that is issued to all students and if necessary built into the fee structure. Rather than viewing such technology as a cost, it is needs to be seen as an asset, one that helps facilitate and optimize learning. It is vital that internet connectivity is improved and consolidated, something that is integral to the national economy. So, with this in mind, there are some questions that need to be asked of each and every HE institution:
1) What learning is available online?
2) What plans are afoot to develop online learning?
3) How often are staff given training to support the introduction of online teaching?
4) What funds have been budgeted for the development of online learning? If not, why not?
5) What is being done to ensure that all students can access the online learning platform?
6) What lessons are being learnt from what is being done internationally?
7) Who are the Online Learning change-makers in the institution, and are they being adequately supported?
8) What are the chief concerns about online learning and how might these be addressed?
9) Are various stakeholders being consulted in order ensure that the system works efficiently and effectively?
10) What mechanisms are in place to protect IT systems from viruses and hackers?
11) Could time and resources be saved by holding more meetings via online meeting platforms?
12) How is online learning being recognized and celebrated?

There are very real opportunities at the present time to innovate, not just for the time of the Pandemic, but for the future. The most forward-thinking institutions have already recognized that this is a golden opportunity to embrace positive chance, to ensure the sector is both relevant and dynamic. No one is saying that it is easy, but it certainly can be exciting. When people embrace change and are helped to adapt to it remarkable things happen. Now is the time to harness the country’s considerable IT talent to ensure that it becomes trans formative in the field of higher education and beyond. Quietly and relentlessly a revolution is taking place, one that will broaden all our horizons about what learning and indeed the world of work can become. Looking further afield we will notice that resistance is futile, change is already happening, it is just that the situation arising from the Corona-virus has speeded things up. No one should be in any doubt that there will be challenges, but the simple fact is that these are far outweighed by the opportunities.

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Presenting a Small Penis in the Best Light

Just as some people have bigger feet or heavyset fingers or a thick neck, so too do some men have what might be considered a small penis. In some cases, that small penis is small only when flaccid; when a guy is a grower, he has a penis that is unimpressive when unaroused but which grows to a respectable (or in some cases awe-inspiring) length when the blood starts flowing into the penis. In other instances, however, a guy starts out with a small penis and ends similarly, even when at their most erect. And guess what? Some guys (and their partners) are perfectly fine with that, knowing that penis size is only one way to measure a guy’s sexual performance. But for those smaller endowed men who want to present their package in the best possible light, the following tips may apply.

Before getting to the tips, however, one other word to men who think they have a small penis: in today’s society, with its obsession over big penises, many men who have penises of a perfectly adequate (or more) size imagine themselves to possess a small penis. Putting things in their proper perspective can be a big help.

Presenting in the best light

Men who wish to make their small penis appear perhaps larger can try the following:

- Wear enhancing underwear. Many manufacturers (especially smaller, niche ones) make briefs which are specifically designed to showcase the penis and balls and make them look larger (even when they are already large.) There are several variations on this, such as briefs with a built-in penis ring (or fabric-based substitute) or fabric supports that life the balls and move them and the penis forward. Those who cannot find such underwear can achieve something of the same effect by wearing a penis ring under normal briefs.

- Get into manscaping. Every man’s body is different, but most agree that shaving away their pubic hair makes the penis look a little larger. There’s something about that big thatch of hair on top of the penis that makes it look a bit diminished; eliminating that distraction can give the illusion of greater size. Yes, manscaping can add a little time to your daily routine, but for those concerned with penis size, it might be worth it.

- Lose the gut. Maintaining a proper weight is great for a man’s health, both short-term and long-term. But slimming down can also help with the illusion that the penis has gotten bigger. When the small penis is surrounded by extra flesh – in the stomach and on the thighs especially – the wide canvas look seems to shrink the penis, just as a person will look smaller standing in front of a gigantic movie screen.

- Get warmed up. All men know that a cold penis is a smaller penis, so it pays to make sure that the temperature is right before unveiling one’s manhood to a partner. It also doesn’t hurt to give a little extra stimulation to that penis, so if possible disrobe in a separate space and spend a few moments getting the circulation going in the penis before introducing the organ to its new playmate.

If a man really wants to present his small penis in the best light, he’ll be sure that the member is in its best health – and that means regularly applying a first rate penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil , which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Like all parts of the body, the penis is enriched and enlivened by vitamins, so be sure that the selected crème contains a range of these – such as A, B5, C, D and E. The crème should also contain L-arginine, an amino acid which helps produce nitric oxide, thereby helping the penile blood vessels to open and expand to accommodate increased blood flow.

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Unusual Wedding Gift Ideas – Suggestions to Select Amazing Presents

There are two types of wedding gift ideas. They are namely fixed and experiential gifts. Fixed presents can be in form of physical gifts like wine, greeting card, fruit basket, household items, funny t-shirts while experiential gifts can be in form of skydiving, helicopter tours, pilot for a day, stone massage, hiking etc.

I believe that most persons would want to give physical gifts. I will also believe that some persons would want to give experiential presents. It is the new generation gift item and it is more mature than the traditional presents. If you want an unusual, unique, special type of gift to give, then experiential gift is your best choice. There are up to 1500 types of experiential gifts which you can give as wedding presents. There is nothing new that most couples always take time to plan for their honeymoon after their wedding ceremony. There are unusual experiential presents which will be perfect for newly married couples. They are romantic dinner for two, Drive a stock car, scenic biplane ride for 2, Boston dinner cruise, fighter pilot for a day, hot balloon ride, Sedona helicopter tour, New york dinner cruise and deep tissue massage. They are usually given in form of gift certificates.

Next let us talk about the best type of physical gifts because most persons would want to give fixed presents due to it is the most widely given gift worldwide. Some of the suggestions to select amazing wedding presents are:

Wine basket: it is among the widely given presents for a wedding occasion. Your wine basket does not have to look similar to the common wine basket. You can make it unique by personalizing it to look special to the receiver. You can get a very cool wine basket for as low as $50 to present during a wedding ceremony.

Examples of best selling and quality wine baskets gifts to present to newly married couples are 5th avenue wine gift basket, opus one wine gift basket, Dom perignon collector’s gift set, California signature wine gift basket. They come with a gift box, wine drinking glass and ribbon to write your personalized message on it. Gift tree is a genuine online store to get nice-tasting wine to present to newly married couples.

This article will not be complete without presenting to you nice way to give experiential gifts for newly married couple. It will make a perfect wedding gift. The best way to give experiential gift is through gift certificates or voucher.

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Amp Up Your Trade Show Booth: How to Modify Your Existing Video for a Trade Show Presentation

Trade shows are great opportunities for generating leads. Yet standing out in a sea of booths can be challenging: it’s noisy, there are stimuli in every direction and chances are your competition is literally right around the corner. An eye catching display that includes video is a great way to attract foot traffic to your set up.

Because of noise and distractions, producing a trade show video takes special consideration, but doesn’t have to cost a lot. If you’ve recently hired a team to produce a video for your business, you probably invested a lot of time and money into it. The last thing you want to do is pay to reinvent the wheel, right? I agree. By modifying your existing video, you can create an economical piece that delivers your message in a noisy trade show setting.

Cut it Down
A five minute video that works in a sales presentation is far too long for a trade show; your audience will inevitably get distracted and wander away. Have your editor cut down your piece to a minute, two at the most.

Make it Make Sense Without Sound
Your trade show video shouldn’t be silent, but it needs to be impactful without sound-what if it gets so noisy at the show that know one can hear it? Having moving text on the screen to punctuate features or statistics about your product or service is both eye-catching and informative. If your video has testimonials from your clients, subtitle them.

Spark a Conversation
Consider ending your video with a conversation starter. If you’re a recruitment firm, end with “Ask Us the Secret to Retaining Employees” or if you’re selling skin care products, “Ask Our Consultants what Products We Recommend for YOUR Skin Type!” The whole point of a trade show is to talk to people who may need your services. Every part of your booth should be directed toward that goal.

Get in the Loop
You’re going to be busy chatting up prospective clients during the show, so have your editor loop your video many times on one DVD. You don’t want to miss a potential lead because you fussing with your DVD player.

At a trade show, you get a small window of opportunity to make a great impression. Use video to make you stand out among the pack.

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Presenting Business Plans – Why People Feel Nervous and What You Can Do About It

If you are looking for finance to either start up a business or expand your existing one you have to accept that if you want the Bank to say yes to your superb business idea, you are going to have to spend time preparing for the interview.

The chat with the Manager is your only chance to really sell yourself and your idea. It’s rare that you’ll get a second chance with the same Manager or Bank. So don’t deny yourself the opportunity.

But many people have a problem in presenting themselves in front of strangers!

So let’s consider why people find the idea of selling themselves and their business a daunting task.

Lack of Confidence

Some people just don’t feel confident when talking in a public situation. You may not consider communicating on a one-to-one basis as talking in public, but it is. Outside of your own “self-talk” (conversations you have in your mind with yourself) and within your own home, all conversations are essentially public speeches.

Lack of Preparation

If you haven’t prepared properly then this will show through in any stressful situation. Lack of preparation includes not knowing the ins-and-outs of your business idea or Business Plan and not anticipating the type of questions you’ll be asked during the interview. It’s comparable to going into an examination and knowing deep down that you haven’t put the effort in – do you remember that feeling?

Poor Communication Skills

Some people feel that they can never communicate their ideas in a clear and coherent manner; their thoughts are jumbled up and are not in any order; words and explanation of concepts come out in a muddle. As a result, their body language and voice begins to reflect the uneasiness, which leads to even more mental anguish. And so the cycle continues ever downward!

Poor Self Image

Some business people don’t see the interview as a meeting of equals in which both parties want a successful outcome. They see the Manager as some kind of ogre, someone, who given half the chance, will devour them up and cast them aside, just for his own evil pleasure! This enduring image stays with them right up to the start of the interview, dominating their thoughts and making the whole process a complete disaster!

Lack of Focus and Planning

On the day of the interview, some try to do a thousand-and-one other things before going along to the Bank. What happens? They get stressed out because something has not gone to plan – the man who was to come to repair the washing machine didn’t turn up until an hour after the agreed time; they forgot that the car would need fuel on the way in and so this has added 10 minutes to the journey time; a friend turns up at the house and they don’t have the courage to tell her to go, so an hour later she’s still there!

By the time they get to the Bank, their heart is beating faster than that of a marathon runner and their mind is a complete blank! They don’t see the day as having one job, that of seeing the Bank Manager, and so the day isn’t properly planned.

All these unplanned diversions and delusions can take your mind off mentally preparing for the important task ahead.

Do any of these situations sound familiar? What can you do to put yourself in a better frame of mind?

Here are 3 suggestions out of my 9-step Interview Preparation Plan

Have Belief in Your Future Success

Before someone else can believe in you, you have to believe in yourself. You must absolutely have no doubt in your own mind that you will succeed in setting up your business or moving your current business forward. It’s not about what you believe you are now but what you believe you can be in the future. You may have little in the way of money or assets now but you have to believe that in the future you will have all these things (if this is how you define your idea of success).

You have to be 100% sure that you are going to be one of the few people who will make a success of their life. You have to demonstrate an “I-will-get-to-the-top” attitude. If you don’t believe you can climb to the top of the mountain then it’s certain you won’t! People, and this will include your Bank Manager, follow the person who believes what he is saying.

Know Your Business Plan Inside Out

If you have organised yourself properly, the Manager will have spent time going through your Business Plan before the interview. After reviewing your Plan he will probably have a list of questions to clarify the areas he’s not sure of, or questions just to prompt you to give him a better understanding of certain parts of your business.

To deal with these questions confidently and competently you have to know your Plan inside out. In view of the time constraints people are under these days, it’s possible that the Manager may only have skimmed through your Plan (what! After all your work? After all those hours? Yep, it’s a fact of life I’m afraid!). The answers to his queries of course may actually be contained in the Plan. If this does happen, don’t lose your cool or answer with an “attitude”. Use this as an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of your Plan. Think how professional and organised you’ll look when you tell him to turn to page 10 and he’ll find the answer to his question right there! If nothing else, it will make feel humble!

Knowing your Plan means that at least during the interview you’re not going to contradict what you included in it. You have to be consistent. If you say something which doesn’t tally with what you stated on paper, what do you think will go through the Manager’s mind? “Does this person know what he’s doing? They obviously don’t have a clear direction or focus for the business if they keep changing their mind.”

Knowing your Plan will demonstrate that you are meticulous, organised and consistent, the type of person a Banker really likes!

Put Yourself in the Manager’s Shoes

One effective way of preparing for the interview is to imagine you as the Manager. Imagine you are seeing yourself and your plan for the first time; pretend you know absolutely nothing about you or your business. What would you ask? What would you want to know? What is likely to confuse an “outsider” about your business? What questions would you ask to get a better understanding? What challenging questions would you ask?

You have to get inside his mind so you can prepare well-researched and well-presented answers to his likely questions. It’s all back to being professional in your presentation, demonstrating that you know your business and that you are worthy of support. You won’t give this impression if you haven’t spend time thinking of possible questions you could be asked and preparing the answers in advance.

Banker’s favourite questions are “What if……” ones:

· “What if your supplier fails you?”

· “What if the price of your raw materials goes up by 10%?”

· “What if you lose your number one customer?”

· “What if one of your critically important employees leaves?”

Set some time aside when preparing for the interview to think like a Banker. What would you want to know if you were in his chair? The list of questions could be endless and there is no way you can pre-empt all of them but at least you will be prepared for the majority of them.

These are just 3 of the steps you can take to prepare yourself for your interview.

Robert Warlow
Small Business Success

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Birthday Gift Idea – How to Select the Right Birthday Present

Are you out of birthday gift idea? Trying to find the perfect gift as a birthday gift?

Selecting the right birthday present can be perplexing if the receiver seems to have everything.
What you choose to buy for the birthday guy/girl tends to depend on your relationship to him/her and your budget. Although almost anything you give will be appreciated, the best way to choose the unique gift is to think about the hobbies and interests of the receiver.

Once you begin thinking about the receiver’s hobbies and interests, it will simplify the process. To illustrate, if the person loves pets, find a unique and fun pet related gift. Choose a present that is relevant to the receiver’s personality, passions and ambitions will tell them you spent some time thinking about them. This might mean more than the gift itself.

If all else fails, there are basic gender gifts that work almost anytime. Women favor perfume, jewelry and pampering. A relaxing break from the stresses of life at a local spa will please almost any woman. Chocolates and flowers are fine, but she may think you lack creativity. Purchasing gifts for a man can be especially troublesome. You can best win over a man by aligning the birthday gift with his hobbies. Men also love gadgets. Opting for the latest gadget will please most men.

Additional unique gift for you to consider include:

1) Monthly gift packages- this type of present includes a monthly shipment of fruits, beer, breads, or other furniture and accessories.

2) Cooking, computer or dance classes – focus on something they want to learn but never seem to take the time.

3) Tickets to a theater or play – when aligned with the persons personality these can be a very unique and special gift.

4) Books win over almost everyone – align with their hobbies, personality or something the agent is have always wanted to learn.

5) Personalized furniture and accessories – including jewelry, picture frames, pens or other decor.

For additional research, do not forget to surf the internet. Finding gift ideas on the internet is straightforward. If your birthday receiver is an avid runner, type “gifts for runners” or “runner gifts” into your favorite search engine. This will produce an abundance of websites that specialize in such birthday gifts. Once you find the perfect gift, purchasing it online is uncomplicated and safe. Online gift purchasing is also the best way to send birthday gifts to those who do not live in close proximity and can be a real time saver.

Birthday gifts should be individual. Spend a little time trying to find the right birthday present that aligns with the receiver’s interests. This will not only make the gift appealing, but tell them you really care. After all, that is what gift giving is really about.

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How to Get the Perfect Valentine’s Day Present With Little Money During the Credit Crunch

We all want to get the perfect present for the one we love on Valentines Day, but sometimes we do not have the money to buy the present we think we should be buying. In today’s financial climate it can be difficult buying presents because we are worried about what money we have to spend. Do not worry here are the secrets that will show you how to buy a present that your loved one will love as well as you.

1. Keep it simple. There is no need to try and get a large gift that will empty your bank account or burden you credit card. The old saying “It is the thought that counts.” Is as true now as it has ever been. The emphasis is on “The thought” put some thought into your purchase and it will show through. Beware though, this does not mean you can buy any old tat. You need to put some careful thought into your purchase.

2. Large is not necessarily the best. It is easy to get caught up in the trap of spending lots of money on a massive gift means you love someone more. This could not be further from the truth. You can get the same response for a smaller gift as long as you choose the right gift for the person. When it comes to showing your love, size does not matter. Another old saying is that “All good things come in small packages” Some things that are large gifts are great and can say a lot, but small gifts can say as much to a person as long as the gift is right. Think before you buy. Do you want to say that you have a lot of money to spend or do you want to convey your love to that person.

3. Keep it personal. People love the personal touch and to know that people went out of their way to get that special something for them. Choose a gift that suits your partner and then personalise it either with words a picture or both. I was made very ill a couple of years ago after being assaulted. I received lots of cards and gifts whilst I was ill, one of these was a personalised mug from my daughter, on it was a picture of me holding her with a personal message on the back. That mug is so special and still means as much to me today. Every time I look at it, it reminds me of the love we have for each other. Since then I have given personalised gifts to many people including my wife. This meant the world to me so I started giving personalised gifts. After seeing the response people had I realised more than ever “People love those little personal touches in their lives.”

4. Set a limit of how much you can spend and stick to it. If you over spend it will only put more strain on your relationship. Whether it is a new or established relationship it will do no good if you have put yourself in more debt.

5. Make the giving of the present special. Think about how and where you will give the gift. Think about where you met, creating a romantic environment, make it personal and special for both of you. Setting the scene when you are giving the gift can make the gift even more special. The list of opportunities is endless whether it is a special romantic evening in, or a meal, What ever is special to you both and meaningful. Try and make it memorable and something that your partner will appreciate and recognise you love and thoughtfulness towards them.

Remember that giving a valentines gift is not just about the present, it is about the thought, how personal the gift is and how you give the gift to your loved one. Think of getting a gift and giving it as a package it should be an act of love from beginning to end that is personal to them and you. It should state that you love them from beginning to end and you gift is a reminder of all that love.

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